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I am a professional wordsmith and a lifelong scholar of language. I can help you edit your writing, offer style and usage guidance, and make your writing more accessible to a broader audience. I can also provide translations of your document into and from several languages. If you want your words to shine, I can help.

I have training in language and linguistics, and I have been writing professionally for decades. I am a published author and have years of experience helping people revise and rework texts to increase clarity and improve style.

About My Services


My prices are reasonable, and I am willing to make need-based adjustments or use a flat-fee structure based on word count rather than by the hour. My rates are as follows:

Work TypeHourly RateRate per Word
Developmental Editing$75
Translation $7510¢

Please note that I DO NOT accept Contract Writing work intended to be passed off as original academic work. If you are a student struggling with a writing project, I am happy to help you develop your ideas into an acceptable written form, but I will not do your homework.

I also provide résumé revision and drafting services. All résumé services are a flat fee based on the level of work experience:

Resume LevelRate
Entry-Level (0–2 years)$70
Mid-Level (3–8 years)$90
Senior-Level (8+ years)$125


The first thing we do is identify the scope of the work and the type of work you’d like done. For example, you might tell me that you have a 5,000-word document that needs simple proofreading. Or you might say that you have a 10,000-word document that needs in-depth editing and revision. Next, you’ll let me know what you need the work for. This helps me to ensure that the style and usage I’m editing are appropriate for your audience. From that initial description, I will estimate how long I think that will take me and what the likely costs might be. If those are acceptable, then we will proceed.


I have worked with students, professionals, and aspiring writers looking to ensure that their writing is clear and effective.

Ensuring the Best Result

Be as clear as you can as to your needs and expectations. Writing styles vary greatly depending on the audience, occasion, and genre. Being clear with your editor about what you need and what it’s intended for is the best way to ensure that your editor can help you get your writing into the shape it needs to be.


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