Basic proofreading, including typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and punctuation errors.


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Receive basic proofreading of printed material, correcting grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation.

Rates are determined by word count. Select the appropriate word count for your project. If the specific amount is not available, you may purchase two jobs at rates that combine to reach the appropriate amount. (For example, for 150,000 words, purchase one job at 100,000 words and a second one at 50,000.)

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250 Words, 500 Words, 750 Words, 1,000 Words, 1,500 Words, 2,000 Words, 2,500 Words, 3,000 Words, 3,500 Words, 4,000 Words, 5,000 Words, 6,000 Words, 7,500 Words, 8,000 Words, 10,000 Words, 12,500 Words, 15,000 Words, 20,000 Words, 25,000 Words, 30,000 Words, 35,000 Words, 40,000 Words, 45,000 Words, 50,000 Words, 65,000 Words, 75,000 Words, 100,000 Words, 200,000 Words


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